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Are you a teen that wants to help teens with Special Needs make friends? Making a difference in the Special Needs community is very easy and also very rewarding! It all starts with YOU! Be a Fantastic Friend to a peer in need! Be the change in your community that you have always wanted to be! If you are interested in starting a chapter in your area, please contact us at [email protected]! We would love to help you start a FANTASTIC chapter!

Why Start a Chapter?

Starting a Fantastic Friends chapter will give you confidence in working with teens with Special Needs.  It will give you knowledge about the several types of Special Needs, and how to work with every kind.  You will also gain experience with working hands on with your Members.  Running a chapter can make you gain leadership skills and also help guide you in the field of any type of special service. By the end of high school, you will be an expert at helping teens with Special Needs and you will also be a step ahead of everyone else entering into college. It will most importantly give tweens and teens with Special Needs a safe environment to have fun and be themselves. With all of these amazing reasons, why wouldn't you start a chapter?

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