How we got started!

Fantastic Friends was created by me, Marissa Hacker, for my twin brother, Matthew, who has Autism. I started Fantastic Friends when I was fifteen years old during the summer of my freshman year.  I wanted Matthew, along with other Teens with Special Needs, to make friends and feel acccepted by their peers. Fantastic Friends has impacted so many Teens lives! They have developed confidence, social skills, and have made friends to last a lifetime! It is so rewarding to see that our Members finally have a place to be themselves and meet people who are going through the same thing they are.  Fantastic Friends is changing the standards of how Special Needs kids are treated. We treat our Members just like how we would treat anyone without Special Needs.  Our Teen Staff Members make sure our Members have a good time and alwaya feel safe.  It is a pleasure to be the Founder and President of such an amazing Organization! My dream is to spread Chapters across the entire World!  We are currently setting Chapters up now, and we encourage Teens to take action and start a Chapter in their Community!  Please Spread the word around!

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